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Stone Reference


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LEGEND and LORE: This is one of the birthstones for March.

"Who in this world of ours, her eyes
In March first opens, shall be wise.
In days of peril, firm and brave,
And wear a Bloodstone to her grave."

Ancient warriors often carried an amulet of bloodstone which was intended to stop bleeding when applied to a wound.

MAGICAL PROPERTIES: Because it is green, it can be used for "money spells". It is also considered a "lucky" stone for athletes because it imparts courage and stamina.

HEALING: Heliotrope is used today in conjunction with anything having to do with blood.

Green flecked with red, the bloodstone is credited with many religious and curative properties. The red specks were thought to represent the blood of Christ, and the stone is often associated with the Crucifixion.
Because it was believed to stop bleeding, the heliotrope, as it is also called, was often carried by warriors. Its value to warriors was further enhanced because the bloodstone was thought to inspire courage and to ensure success in hazardous enterprises. Longevity was another benefit attributed to this gem. The weather also was affected by this stone, which was said to cause thunder, lightening, rain and tempest.