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Stone Reference


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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye
Balances emotions and brings clarity and focus to the mind.
Attracts beauty and abundance.
Enhances instinctive, psychic abilities.
Creates order out of chaos.
Enhances protection, clear thinking, personal empowerment, integrity, willpower, practicality, grounding and integration of spirit with worldly energy. Also associated with the correct use of power, courage, grace and the ability to see clearly and without illusion. Integrates male and female energy within us. Confidence, willpower, clear thinking (and thus speaking), personal power in life. Harmony. Grounding. Stability. Practical wisdom. Helps heal wounds, bruises, eyes and throat.

Tiger's eye is a stone that is found with swirling browns and golds, as well as the blue, red and green varieties.

Gold/Brown Tiger's Eye
Chakra Association(s): solar plexus
Enhances/Strengthens: personal empowerment, willpower
Diminishes/Lessens: weakness, unclear thinking that undermines personal strength in life

Red Tiger's Eye
Chakra Association(s): connection between solar plexus and base
Enhances/Strengthens: ability to deal with energy in a serene manner
Diminishes/Lessens: anxiety

Blue Tiger's Eye
Chakra Association(s): connection between solar plexus and throat
Enhances/Strengthens: expression personal desires and goals, particularly verbally, strenght of conviction
Diminishes/Lessens: depression due to imbalance between expression of goals and working towards meeting them

LEGEND and LORE: The various "eye" stones have always been considered strong talismans. It was believed that a person possessing one could see everything, even behind closed doors. Egyptians carved it into god figurines, to represent divine vision.

MAGICAL PROPERTIES: "Tiger's-eye is a fine stone for promoting wealth and money. A simple money spell involves empowering several tiger's-eyes with your need for money. Use them to surround a green candle. Light the candle and visualize."

HEALING: This stone is soothing for emotional turmoil. It will help you to see things in the best light. It is optimistic! It also promotes courage and strength. This stone is also used traditionally, for diseases of the eye.