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Stone Reference


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Rose Quartz

It's pink! It's love! It's a gentle awakening! Stimulates love of self, love of others, love of the Universe. Teaches one how to give and receive love. Teaches the power of forgiveness. Opens the heart allowing emotional release. Heals soul trauma. Clears and encourages a beautiful complexion. Prevents wrinkles. Helps one reduce weight. Works on the thymus gland. (color fades in direct sunlight) Helps clear stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear, jealousy. Reduces stress and tension, cools hot temper. Enhances self- confidence and creativity. Aids development of forgiveness, compassion, love.

Comforts heart from all wounds and helps heal emotional pain. Enhances love, self love, positive outlook, joy and oneness. . Associated with the heart chakra. Use Rose Quartz for treating cardiovascular health, fertility, headaches, kidney disease, migraines , hypertension and sexual dysfunction, as well as those disorders occurring in the throat, ears, nose and sinuses.

Metaphysical meanings and use.
Pink is the universal color of Love. It is likewise so in the metaphysical world also. In its crystal shape as well as its tumbled stone form, there is little debate as to its function. It can have all the uses and meanings as clear quartz , but it is more inclined toward use in love intentions and all the feelings and emotions that the word evokes. So if love is on your mind this is the one to use. It is the crystal they use for all affairs of the heart, including healing, protecting, bringing peace and re-establishing the power of Love in the soul. They also revere it for balancing Yin and Yang energies, strengthening communications, removing negative energies and attracting Cherubic energies. It also symbolizes the meaning of love in the universal sense. That is, it not only represents one's personal and specific love for another, but in a greater expansion to universal love. This is the capacity to love all things, animate and inanimate, equally, and with out distinction of one over the other