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Stone Reference


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Capricorns gemstone
Power Day: Saturday
10th Anniversary stone
Ruler: Saturn
Energy: Projective
Planets: Mars, Saturn
Elements: Fire
Deity: Mars
Associated Stone: Diamond


In times past, onyx was thought to be the manifestations of a
demon imprisoned in the stone. This demon woke up at night and spread
terror and nightmares to any persons within its range or influence.
This demon was also thought to provoke discord between lovers
(though see below for the reason why "discord" might orrur if this
stone is misused). In classical ceremonial magic, the image of the head of the
god Mars or a figure of the hero Hercules was engraved on onyx and
carried for courage. In ancient times onyx was thought to be an imprisoned deity. It is worn to still sexual desires.
Mexican Onyx (white and brown chalcedony) is said to help one sleep. Sard (reddish brown chalcedony) was regarded as a protection against incantations and sorcery. It was also believed to sharpen the wits of the wearer. The best specimens are brought from India. Sardonyx has a structure like onyx, but is composed usually of alternate layers of white chalcedony and carnelian, although the carnelian may be associated with layers of white, brown, and black chalcedony. The ancients obtained the onyx from Arabia, Egypt, and India.


Onyx, sard, and sardonyx are all varieties of chalcedony (microcrystaline quartz). Onyx comes in brown, white, grey, and black. Sard is a reddish-brown variety. Sardonyx is a blend of sard and onyx with the red bands of sard and the white bands of onyx. Onyx, Sard and Sardonyx all have a hardness rating of 7. Onyx is very similar to agate. Onyx has straight bands of brown, white or black; agate has curved lines of many colors. Since ancient times, Onyx has been dyed to improve it's color. Often treated agate is sold as Black Onyx. Onyx may chip or scratch rather easily. Onyx is found worldwide.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22): Birthstone/Lucky Charm

Onyx was used in Roman times for the fabrications of vases and cups. Sardonyx contains onyx and carnelian or sard. "Onyx marble, "Mexican onyx, and "Oriental alabaster are terms applied to travertine.

It is well adapted for the cutting of cameos and was much used for that purpose by the ancients.

Black Onyx is always died.
Brownish-black to black and opaque. Much black onyx is the brownish variety that has been dyed black. Can be confused with black spinel.

Healing and Medicinal uses::

A variety of agate. The onyx is reputed to improve concentration and devotion. Perhaps it is for this reason that it is frequently to be found in rosaries. Helps hearing problems, heart trouble and ulcers. Preserves against the bites of snakes and venomous insects, and assists in bringing marital happiness.
Onyx: Balances and grounds. Absorbs and flattens emotional intensity. Androgynous. Can't conduct or retain healing energy/programming very well.
Indigestion, Insanity, Kidney problems, loose teeth, pestilence, sea sickness, tender gums, tired eyes, ulcers, vertigo, allepo boils, boils, chest and lungs, envy, contentiousness,epidemics, evil eye, fear, hemorrage

*(Note: Be wary of having too much onyx in the house as it can reduce your sexual desires to a dangerously low level, thus preventing the natural release of emotional energies.)
BLACK: Material world, Protection, Absorption of., Courage, Gardening, Healing, Longevity, Physical strength, Stabilization, Comfort, Faith, Fertility,Defensive magick, Reducing sexual desires,Grounding,

Reputed to change bad habits, confront buried emotions, and improve impatience. It is a protective stone worn facing adversaries in battles
or conflicts of all kinds-or while hurrying down a dark street at
midnight. (Isn't it nice that magic is practical?)
Onyx is used for protection as well as defense against
negativity consciously directed toward you. While such things
as 'psychic attack' or 'hexing' are reare and often exist only in the
mind of the 'victim', performing defensive rituals can be
psychologically cleansing.

Onyx cools loves ardors, and it provokes discord. Onyx disturbs the slumbers and the mind. It causes frightful dreams.
Onyx helps with the physical body, and it works well with the Pearl or Diamond.
Onyx transmutes vibrations of others as they reach the wearer. It is a stone for the listener.
ONYX: Onyx is for security, It is stabilizing and calms excess female energy. It also helps banish grief, and enhances self-control, and stimulate the power of wise decision-making. Shiny black

A Defensive spell:

Place a square mirror on your alter. Set a
purple candle before it so that the flame is reflected in the mirror.
Empower nine onyx stones with reflective, or defensive,
energy. Place one piece of onyx three inches from the candle's right
side. Then place eight more stones in semicircle around the candle,
working from right to left, until the candle is half-ringed with onyx
toward you, but is clear of it in front of the mirror.
Light the candle. Visualize the onyx as collecting the
negativity and sending it into the candle's flame. Then see the flame
acting as a lens, focusing the negatitity and sending it into the
mirror. The mirror is a doorway onto the spiritual plane. The
negative energy is sent through it back to the original sender.
Protection is conferred.
Onyx has been used to reduce the sexual implses. This is
dangerous, for sexual realease is a natural part of life. hen it is
repressed, mental illness, physical illness, antisocial behavior,
religious delusions and even murderous tendencies can result.
natural sexual impluses exist for pleasure, for union with
other human and the divine, and for the continuance of human life. Natural sexual impulses exist for pleasure, union with another and the divine.
Suppression of them leads to hatred, isolation and lessening of
respect for all life forms.
However, in these times of risky sexual contact perhaps onyx
can be used to help curb uncontrollable sexual urges. Sex, especially
when regularly performed with new partners (one-night stands), can be
psychologically addictive. Thies can lead to neglect of nonsexual
matters, sexual dysfuntion (impotency or frigidity), and disease.
If uncontrollable desire is a problem, lie down fully
clothed. Hold a piece of onyx about two inches above your groin. Let
it soothing, spiritual vibrations bombads you. Visualize yourself
desiring less sex, remembering that quality-not quantity-is all that
matters. Do this for a few minutes once a day-but no longer than a
week. Wait a week before repeating this ritual.
Then again, onyx can be used to quell sexual desire when
there is no chance of quenching it with your sexual partner-for
example, during long physical separations, illness or the last stages
of pregnancy.
Though self-stimulation (masurbation) can and should be a
natural, satisying realease, many of us need the energy exchange with
another person for fulfilling sex. Societal training has also plagued
us with the false notion that masturbation is dirty, unnatural, and
the cause of disease.
If this is the case and you have no access to sexual
relations, either awake your sexuality or, failing that, empower a
piece of onyx and hold a few inches above your groin, visualizing
your sexual desire lessening.
When your partneris again available to you, stimulate your
sexual desire with a diamond or carnelian so as to fully enjoy the
Both of the above techniques can be dangerous. They shouldn't
be done without careful thought. Never continue using onyx to repress
your sexual desire for longer than a monthor two, and reopen the sex
center afterward.
Don't let this scare you away from onyx, however. When
empowered for protective purposes, for example, it affects the sex
centerin different ways. Sex is linked with the survival of our
species. So, it "protects" life. Wearing onyx or utilizing it in
protective rituals channels sexual energy into the stone and from
here creates protection.
A safe but expensive alternative to the above rituals entails
having a diamond-it doesn't matter how large or small it is-set in
onyx. When the diamond (which is sexually arousing) is srrounded by
the sexually inhibiting onyx, it symboizes control over our sexual
In this present day, sex is risky. Wear this stone to control ones desires when there is no chance of quenching it with your partner. When you are with your loved one again, stimulate your desires with a diamond or carnelian.